Getting Accepted into All CPA Networks

What CPA Networks Wants ??? 

Here is a basic breakdown of what CPA Networks want to see when
they are conducting their screenings:

Affiliates who are willing and serious to promote their CPA
offers immediately.

Affiliate who ready for making money (because more money you get more money they get too )
Individuals who have a general and solid understand of what CPA marketing is all about.

Filling a CPA Network Application that 98% will get accepted:

What have the gurus been hiding?

I was listening to a marketing seminar not too long ago, when the presenter “leaked out” that he was using PPV marketing and getting an incredible return in investment from it. At first I thought he’d said “PPC” and concluded that anyone getting such a good return from pay per click must have bottomless pockets!

So I dug a little deeper and discovered that PPV isn’t just some rehashed marketing technique make to look new – it really IS new. PPV stands for “pay per view” marketing and it combines all the benefits of pay-per-click marketing – like getting laser-focused traffic that’s eager to buy and ready to take action – without all the extra hoops to jump through like “quality scores”, bidding wars and underperforming keywords.